SVDOO MULTIWORKS is an ISO 9001 certified company based in Daman. Our corporate office is in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and sales/ marketing office at Panvel, Raigad district. The company was established in the year 2015 by Mr. Jose Jacob who is a marine engineer by profession.

We manufacture products to make your life peaceful and healthy so that you can focus on your work, family and society. Lets march ahead together and make this world a clean and beautiful place.

About Us
Our Objectives
  • To manufacture and distribute a range of health care and safety products by maintaining a professional standard.
  • All our products are indegiousnly made in India and we continuosly strive to develop every product ensuring the best quality.
  • Good unique features on our products have been the prime factor to always keep us a step ahead of all the rest.

SVDOO MULTIWORKS has been working on innovation and our vision to keep you, family and pet safe towards a pest-free environment by manufacturing quality pest control products which are Bio-organic, Non toxic and Eco-friendly.

Instead of shoving the pest from one place to another by using Hazardous, Toxic and Dangerous Chemicals which eventually we and our loved ones end up inhaling, our team has fine tuned the art of pest prevention and control "Catch It",Eliminate It.